Following a setback in his legal fight with the city, Bob Carmack plans his next move

At the odyssy of Bob Carmack and his legal fight with the city rolls on, the landowner faced down a new witness on Thursday.

"Nothing stood out about the 7715 Melville closing in your mind?" asked Carmack's attorney.

"No," responded Mark Talley, who brokered the real estate deal involving Carmack.

"Because you would never do anything illegal knowingly, correct?" asked Carmack's attorney.

"Correct," responded Talley.

Carmack is being sued by the city of Detroit over a business transaction located at 7715 Melville St.. The city claims he stole the property, before selling it for $1 million. However, Carmack contests that accusation. Carmack's attornies said he received the parcel of land as a return for his investment in a separate failed city deal. 

In a separate case, Carmack was dealt a legal blow when a judge ordered him to relinquish his ownership over a barbershop. The judge was convinced by city lawyers that he had no right to be there.

He has until April 1 to get out of the business but Carmack will appeal the ruling.