Following hospitalization for stroke, people in Detroit wish Dan Gilbert a speedy recovery

Despite his ascendance to real estate royalty, many were reminded of one person's mortality after Dan Gilbert's hospitalization.

At 57 years old, Gilbert has conquered much of the business world in his ventures to revitalize Detroit. On Tuesday, many paid the entrepreneur a thank you and hoped for a speedy recovery after learning he had suffered a stroke.

"Just seeing the city come to life, how much of an impact even Dan Gilbert has made surrounding us. It's been incredible," said one woman.

"I felt real bad about that, I was surprised," said one man. "He's so young."

Gilbert began to feel not well Sunday morning, before having a family friend drive him to the hospital. It was there he suffered a stroke. More than a day later, Quicken Loans CEO Jay Farner issued a press release updating people on the founder's status.

Farner later spoke Tuesday afternoon, expressing his pleasure with the outpouring of thanks Gilbert had received from people everywhere.

"...the outpouring of support, messages, notes, texts, it's been all over the region, all over the city. Really all over the country and world," Farner said.

Gilbert was the scheduled keynote speaker for the Mackinac Policy Conference, which kicked of May 28. However, Bill Emerson will be speaking in his place.

"I work for the company," said another man. "I know he does a lot of different things. Probably time to take a chill. I hope he gets better. Everybody hopes that. He's working a lot."