Food truck collective Detroit Fleat now open in Ferndale

It's spring time in Michigan. That means good eats, good times and the opening of Detroit Fleat Food Truck Park & Boozery.

On the corner of Nine Mile and Wanda Street, you can find a variety of street food and bar favorites all in one central location. 

"We have a house menu, an awesome bar with 16 taps, craft cocktails, house wine. So we're a real smorgasbord of everything," says owner Katie Pacard.

Detroit Fleat creates an atmosphere for foodies from all around town. 

"The food truck park aspect, which is very different, so you know you can come with a group of people and everybody has things they like to eat or don't like to eat so they have three or four different options with the house menu, so everybody can go to different trucks, get different things, talk about what they have. That's the exciting and fun part about it," Pacard says.

The park has three stationary food trucks: El Guapo, The Pita Post, and Matt and Mo's Italian beef. El Guapo serves up Mexican street tacos and burritos featuring their special sauce. The Pita Post lays out Israeli street food faves like falafels, spicy cauliflower and chicken schnitzel.

Matt and Mo's Italian Beef are the new kids on the block. How can you lose with an Italian beef sandwich dipped in au jus?

"It's our homemade, sliced thin beef. Matt puts it all on one roll and then dips it in our 14 spice au jus, so all those spices and juices get right on that sandwich and it's the way to go," says owner Maureen Marcullo. 

You're sure to leave Detroit Fleat happy and full.

Detroit Fleat keeps a free space where they feature a guest food truck. You can get more information at