Ford Truck Assembly Plant hit by vandals

Ford's Dearborn Truck Assembly Plant is cleaning up one of its lots after vandals broke in early this morning and attempted to steal some trucks.

Smashed up trucks and mangled fences left a trail of destruction at the plant where the F-150 is built, located at 3001 Miller Road.

Several brand new trucks were ruined, and for a time, at least one was stolen.

Danny's Auto Service is nearby, and owner Danny Karaki is worried about having same problem.

"Lately we are afraid about leaving the cars outside," Karaki said. "Sometimes they show up at night, and somebody cut off the caryatic converters then sell them for a few bucks."

Dearborn Police say several suspects have already been arrested, but more are still at large.

In a statement, a Ford Motor Co. spokesperson said:

"Over the weekend, several Ford trucks were tampered with at a logistics supplier adjacent to Dearborn Truck Plant.  Ford works closely with our suppliers regarding our stringent facility safety and security procedures. We also fully cooperated with the City of Dearborn's investigation."

Karaki, is just happy to see Dearborn police making headway on the case, and keeping a close watch on his small business.

"We have to watch these days," he said. "We have to keep our eye always open. Tell the neighbors. Tell all the business people."