Ford’s new partnership with medical providers in Metro Detroit 

“We are really excited about turning things on Monday,” said Ford CEO Jim Hackett. 

Ford has been in the business of assembling ventilators recently, but the automaker’s CEO said they’re now back in the business of making vehicles. 

“It feels like a new start for our industry and our people,” Hackett said. 

The typically close quarters on the assembly line will look different with social distance being incorporated. 

Pre-shift health screenings, temperatures taken at entry, face masks and eye protection required. 

On Saturday, the automobile company announced a partnership with Beaumont Health for quick COVID-19 testing. 

The goal is to get tests back within 24 hours. 

But those quick tests have come with their own accuracy quirks. Something Hackett said they’re keeping in mind. 

“In fact, everyone should be looking forward to testing that will start to come and testing will give us an additional layer of security as we get reliable tests here in the summer,” he said. 

Once Ford gets the testing program going, their doctors will get results and quickly be able to identify others in close contact with an infected employee. At that point, they’ll have to quarantine for 14 days.