Former Detroit area man accused of molesting children he and wife babysat

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Wade Perkins III.

A convicted sex offender originally from Michigan is arrested in Louisiana for trying to pay for sex with a 6-year-old girl.

But as police investigated him further, they discovered the 30-year-old man had been molesting the toddler and children his wife was hired to babysit.

And investigators had the disturbing pictures and videos to prove it.

Lashonda Perkins, no relation to the suspect, was made aware her new neighbor, Wade Perkins III was a  sex offender convicted of second degree CSC back in 2006.

"I was warned when I first came here, some things like that have taken place," said Lashonda Perkins.

As a mother of two boys, she claims Perkins tried to befriend her family, something she put a stop to right away.

"We cut it off in the beginning he'd come take the garbage can to the back," Lashonda Perkins said. "Once I heard that, it was over."

But some neighbors were not aware of the sexual predator that was living next door. In fact, we're told a mother of three, who once lived here, allowed Perkins' wife to babysit her two toddlers.

They only learned how he violated her babies when the feds recently showed up at her door.

"She saw pictures," said Marielle Dailey. "The feds came to her house and wanted her to look at some pictures and videos.  Her kids were in the videos, her boy is only 3 and girl is only 2."

That mother has since moved from the house on Harriet Street in Romulus but neighbor Marielle Dailey speaks to her often.

"She doesn't want to talk anymore, she's having a nervous breakdown," said Dailey. "She told the feds she wants them to have the death penalty and have his (expletive) cut off. That's what she wants done to him."

Police arrested Perkins in Louisiana where he went to live a few months ago.

It's there that undercover agents caught him trying to allegedly pay to have sex with a 6-year-old girl.

According to the criminal complaint, investigators searched his cell phone and eight memory cards where they discovered hundreds of photographs and videos of child pornography, including Perkins engaging in sexual acts with his neighbors toddler aged children.

Neighbors who did keep their distance, hope the 30-year-old finally gets what he deserves.

"Just glad what's happening to him now," said David Cyr. "(I) just hope he feels every bit of pain the kids felt."