Former Eisenhower High School band director accused of sexual emails with student

The former Eisenhower High School band director was arraigned in two separate cases on Thursday and Friday for alleged sex crimes involving a child.

Christopher Traskal, 42, faced a judge in the most recent case, accused of sending emails to one of his students that over time became inappropriate and sexual in nature.  The suspect's in-school conversations and interactions with the student also became increasingly inappropriate.

He is charged with one count of child sexually abusive activity, a 20-year felony. The judge set his bond at $50,000 cash surety. Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith says the emails Traskal sent detail the manipulation of a victim by a child predator.

High school band director in Macomb Co. charged with sex crimes against children

"This is a classic grooming. The conversation started off band-related, then they get more personal and more personal, then they end up in a sexual nature," he said. "Thankfully, this young lady told her parents about it before grooming was complete."

Traskal was arraigned in the second case on Friday in Sterling Heights. It is alleged that Traskal befriended the child in middle school. He eventually also befriended the victim's mother, manipulating their relationship so he was able to spend more time with the victim. 

Officials say interactions became increasingly inappropriate while she was a high school student. He allegedly took her to his home and tried to give her alcohol. Eventually, he sexually assaulted her back in 2011, authorities say.

Christopher Traskal arraigned Thursday in Shelby Township for an alleged sex crime involved a child

Traskal resigned from his position at Eisenhower High School in November. He worked for the Utica Public Schools district for 18 years.