Former Ferndale officer charged with excessive force during arrest

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Dashcam video of the arrest, left, and former Ferndale Police Officer Jason White.

Criminal charges filed against a former Ferndale officer accused of excessive force during an arrest.

The encounter, captured on video -- and the chief of police calls it deeply troubling.

On April 18th police officer Jason White appears to get physical in an attempt to arrest 17-year-old Khalil Williams, accused of stealing items out of cars.

"This is Mr. Williams here, he's been ordered to the ground, ordered to put his arms behind his back, being handcuffed here," Ferndale Police Chief Tim Collins said. "That is where he picks him up several times and now he's thrown several punches. Several of them hit, several of them did not."

Officer Jason White started out in Ferndale 1999 as a dispatcher. He became an officer in 2007 working the midnight platoon. There have been no disciplinary problems, yet this was the fifth time Officer White arrested Williams.

But after this incident White was disciplined right away.

"We began the disciplinary process right away," said Collins. "As well as sending it to the Oakland County Sheriff's Office for a criminal review, right away."

And the criminal review resulted in White resigning from the Ferndale Police Department, as well as criminal charges of assault and battery for White, who was arraigned on Monday.

As for the victim, Mr. Williams, he was charged with larceny from an auto.

"He pled guilty at the arraignment and served sometime in the Oakland County Jail and is now back on the street," Collins said.

It is possible Williams may have a lawsuit against the city of Ferndale and its police department. If he does sue, he has to prove he was hurt.

Collins said he did not know if he was injured from the altercation.

The Ferndale police know this incident should have been avoided, Collins said.

"It is certainly not how we do business, it is certainly was not anything that was owed to Mr. Williams," he said. "He should not have been treated that way."