Former gubernatorial candidate wants GM to turn RenCen into affordable public housing

Businessman and former candidate for governor Kevin Rinke, is asking General Motors not to tear down the Renaissance Center.

"(I'm asking to take) the Renaissance Center and converting it, some of it or all of it, to affordable housing," he said.

He contends that would open new housing opportunities for neighborhood families. Rinke says just as Ford Motor Company is helping to revitalize the city with the Michigan Central Station, GM could leave the same legacy behind by doing this.

"I'm calling on Mary Barra to make a legacy," he said. "This is General Motor's opportunity as they move into their new headquarters to make a philanthropic statement for the state of Michigan and the people of Detroit unlike ever before."

Rinke has reached out to city hall, other business leaders and anybody else who will listen to his idea. He said he is willing to open his own checkbook up, if this gets off the ground.

And on the political front, while he lost in his last bid for governor, it's clear he is pondering a reboot and would use the Ren Cen idea on the campaign trail.

Tim Skubick: "If somebody wanted to run for governor or was running for governor, wouldn't this be a great issue to take to the people?"

"I think that it would be a primary issue on a strong leader's platform," he said.

Skubick: "And is that person you?"

"Time will tell," he said.

He is not ready to announce a bid for governor, but is there a 50-50 chance he will?

Skubick: "If things fall into place you'd love to be governor?"

"If things fall into place, I'd do a heck of a good job for the people of Michigan," Rinke said.

"If I say its 50-50, that would be accurate?"

"I would say that's a very reasonable assumption," he said.

Make of that, what you will.