UAW to GM: Stop playing games

Friday was day 26 of the strike in a week that's seen General Motors leader Mary Barra and UAW leadership meet behind closed doors. But another week still without a resolution.

GM CEO Mary Barra secretly met with UAW amid concerns negotiations had stalled

GM CEO Mary Barra met secretly with UAW leadership this week, amid concerns that negotiations had stalled between the company and union. Barra, in an unusual move reportedly met Wednesday with UAW President Gary Jones and Vice President Terry Dittes, who has been leading talks. The meeting happened at the Renaissance Center around 3:30 p.m..

Now in its fourth week, UAW strike could delay arrival of GM's new corvette

Now in its fourth week, the UAW strike has already hit automakers, union workers and ancillary businesses that cater to auto workers. Now, suppliers and dealerships are starting to show on the fringes of groups worried about the fallout from the strike. While General Motors prepared for the strike by stocking up on pickup trucks, there's now concerns the unveiling of the company's new Corvette may be delayed.