Former Rizzo employee indicted by FBI

Another former Rizzo employee has been indicted by the FBI.

Investigators say Quintin Ramanauskas of Shelby Township was the "bag man" who delivered bribes to local officials in exchange for contracts.

Fox 2 crews spotted him on his driveway Tuesday afternoon. He was standing next to his Rizzo garbage cans.

The 53-year-old former Rizzo employee is now the 6th person facing federal charges in connection with allegedly paying off elected officials to keep Rizzo operating in Macomb County communities.

His neighbor Karen Kesik talked about her surprise to the news.

"We've had Rizzo for an awful long time. No problems with them and I was just surprised that all of this was happening."

According to federal investigators, Ramanauskas, is the guy who delivered the money.

"Shocking to hear the allegations? Very shocked. Very shocked because he is a very nice person. His little dog plays with my little dog."

Ramanauskas now faces felony charges.

Court documents say he paid a $3,000 bride to Clinton township trustee Dean Reynolds and thousands more to former Chesterfield township supervisor Michael Lovelock.

Both of them were also indicted on federal charges in this alleged conspiracy.

During our crews visit visit to Shelby Township shows just how close Ramanauskas was to the Rizzo family.

Neighbors said that Jeff Rizzo was the previous owner of the house where Ramanauskas was spotted. 

Rizzo was the chief operating officer of Rizzo waste disposal until two months ago
According to township records he sold the home valued at over $385,000 to Quintin Ramanauskas for $1. 

The company, Rizzo waste disposal, has now become GFL waste collection.

Officials with the company have previously stated to Fox 2 that they had no idea this was allegedly happening when they acquired Rizzo and have a zero tolerance policy towards this behavior.