Former Rosie O'Grady's manager arrested for stealing $25,0000

The ex-manager of Rosie O'Grady's, Timothy Martin, is now charged with breaking and entering into the Ferndale restaurant.

He is accused of taking $25,000 from the safe early Sunday morning. All the combination codes were still the same since his employment ended a month prior.

According to Ferndale police, Martin took steps to cover his tracks, like swiping the all the surveillance video. But they say he ran in to trouble on his way out, when he ran into a janitor. He offered him a deal.

"We don't know why he did it," said Sgt. Baron Brown, Ferndale police. "He offered him $2000, and told him that he was going to empty out the safe, and that he needed him to step outside while he did that."

The janitor took the cash. The suspect got away.

After the janitor took the money, he panicked. He didn't know if he should keep it, or turn it in. To give himself more time, he went right outside the restaurant, and buried the cash about a foot underground right on the property.

"If someone offers you two grand, I think you're going to consider your options for a moment," said Brown.

When police went to the restaurant, the janitor, made a decision.

"He professes to not having a very good relationship with police, that's why he didn't call us personally," Brown said. "And waited until the manager came in, but once he saw that ball rolling, he got on board and was completely forthright, and we give him credit for that."

Turning over the money, and information, police were able to track Martin down and arrest him in Toledo. But the stolen cash has not been recovered. Martin was released on a 50,000 bond, until his next court date.