Former trash titan Chuck Rizzo accused of intimidating witnesses

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The winding road of tarnished former trash titan Chuck Rizzo's path to prison has taken another turn.

After he was busted for bribery, Rizzo agreed to wear a wire - then he stopped cooperating before he agreed to cooperate again. Now he could be in big trouble for allegedly breaking his promise with a judge.

Rizzo helped federal investigators arrest corrupt public officials he bribed to support giving government contracts to his garbage hauling business. 

But now the feds are fed up, they now want a federal judge to revoke Rizzo's bond sending him directly to prison before he is even sentenced. 

The feds say Rizzo contacted and intimidated a government witness last month even after swearing in court that he would not contact any government witnesses, and that's not all - the feds say a government witness told them Rizzo continued to commit crimes even after he started working with the feds to bust officials who voted to give them contracts worth millions of dollars.

Federal prosecutors say they asked Rizzo’s attorney to agree he should go immediately to prison, but his attorney disagreed.