Four Tops singer says he was racially profiled and put in a straight jacket at Warren hospital

Alexander Morris, the lead singer of the Four Tops, says he was the victim of racial profiling at Ascension Macomb Hospital in Warren and plans to fild a racial discrimination lawsuit.

Morris says it started when hospital officials didn't believe he was telling the truth about his identity and escalated to the point that he was put in a straight jacket.

According to Morris, who has been the lead singer of Motown's original Four Tops since 2019, he tried to explain to the hospital who he was because of security reasons.

"They thought I was delusional," he said.

Morris was having chest pain on April 7 when he went to Ascension Hospital in Warren for treatment. His attorney, Maurice Davis, said Morris told them who he was for potential security reasons.

"The head of security told him to sit his black ass down," Davis said. "He was treated like a mental patient as opposed to the successful black man that he is."

Now Morris is about to file a racial discrimination lawsuit against the hospital and says he believes the actions were initiated by racism.

"There's an element of racism present. He was put in a straight jacket. They wouldn't let him leave. He said, I'll seek care elsewhere (but) they refused saying you're not going anywhere," Davis said.

In a statement from Ascension hospital, they said that, "We do not condone racial discrimination of any kind. We are unable to provide details on cases under investigation." 

"Racist is when you have a malicious intent to do harm or damage to someone because of your hatred of their color, their creed or ethnicity," Morris said.

Alexander Morris, the lead singer of the Four Tops, says he was racially profiled at a Warren hospital when he tried to explain who he was for security reasons.