FOX 2's Robin Murdoch jumped into an aerial yoga session in Royal Oak

You've heard of hot yoga, but how about aerial yoga?

It requires a bit of strength, some determined focus, and as you'll see from our own Robin Murdoch, comfort with hanging upside down.

That's where she spent her morning this Friday at the Yoga Shelter in Royal Oak. 

"It's about getting people comfortable with their fear and reconnecting with their breath, saying "I can do this,'" said Samantha Oetting, hanging calmly. "And once they're here, they say "I want to do this all the time.'"

That doesn't mean it's not a workout. 

The practice requires balance and focus on hammocks that hang from the ceiling. From there, mentors will walk people through different positions that stretch the definition of exercise in nontraditional ways.

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Just see Robin try it out for herself. 

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