'Framing John DeLorean' movie shows rise, fall of iconic car designer

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A new movie exploring the life of Detroit native John DeLorean telling his life story is being released.

The inventor and entrepreneur founded the DeLorean Motor Company, and built an iconic car. But he was also charged with drug dealing and his company went bankrupt.

"I really wanted to tell John DeLorean's story in a way it had never been told before," said Tamir Ardon, the movie's producer.

Alec Baldwin plays the role of John DeLorean in the movie "Framing John DeLorean."

Ardon was just 19 years old when he met John DeLorean, the famous - and some would say infamous - car designer and playboy.

"He really stood out. He dyed his hair, his eyebrows, his sideburns, he dated supermodels," Ardon said. "This guy really bucked the system during the 1960s and 70s when GM was super-conservative."

DeLorean as a young designer made his mark at GM with the GTO. Despite great sales, DeLorean was fired from GM.

"He did a few things that were questionable at GM," said Ardon. 

FOX 2: "Like what?"

"You'll have to see the film," he teased.

While he was trying to fund his DeLorean Motor Company, John DeLorean was arrested in a government cocaine sting, but found not guilty.

"He wasn't guilty from a legal perspective but when you watch the film you start to think morally, was he a little guilty?" he said.

WATCH the trailer below or at this link.

Ardon kept in contact with the DeLorean family throughout his life, as well as his two children who are also featured in the film. DeLorean died in 2005.

"One prize possession I have is the wooden DeLorean that sat on his executive desk in New York," Ardon said. "Which is really cool."

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Screenings with Cinetopia have already passed but the movie will be released by Sundance Selects in theaters next month. It's set to open June 14 at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor and the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak.