Friend of man allegedly shot by 13-year-old in Roseville says he was hurt defending his kids

After this scene of gun violence unfolded Monday outside a Roseville school - authorities say they now know the person who pulled the trigger is not 14, but 13.

"He’s actually 13. we’ve had numerous dealings with him, so we will be seeking the most serious charge as we can," said Deputy Chief Mitch Berlin.

The Macomb County Prosecutor Pete Lucido announced Tuesday that the teen had a court hearing, and is facing multiple charges including, assault with intent to murder and carrying a concealed weapon.

"We’ve had numerous contacts within the last two weeks with this young man, it has tied up a considerable amount of resources," said.Berlin.

The question many are asking is what’s driving the violence?

The teen’s mom called FOX 2 to say her son "is being lied on" and then directed us to contact her lawyer, who has not responded to a call for comment.

But those who know the shooting victim, who they identify as Deontae, tell a much different story of what took place at the scene of the shooting. Much of it was captured on a bystander's video.

"He was going to pick up all three of his kids, and the oldest one was approached by the shooter brandishing a gun," said Carl Reaves who knows the victim. "Threatening to shoot him, shoot up the car and everyone there."

That’s when the victim stepped in.

"So he tried to disarm him and he got away, and he turned around, and shot him in the chest and shot him in the elbow," Reaves said.

The victim is recovering at a local hospital and many are calling him a hero.

"Everyone says it’s a blessing that he is alive, he took the bullets to save the lives of other kids," Reaves said.

Roseville Community Schools released a statement Tuesday stating the suspect is not a current student in their district. But officials would not say if that’s because the student had been expelled. The teen’s next court date is March 29th.

Investigators say this teen needs help and if he is going to be rehabilitated, the courts and police need to intervene.

"There’s always a chance for rehabilitation," said Berlin. "But we do our job to get him off the street and the resources he needs to rehabilitate."