From 'death list' to threats to bring gun to school, Warren police investigate incidents

Two students are now facing criminal charges in Warren for separate incidents involving threats.

"We have to be careful when we see these things, that we don’t gloss over them," said Dr. Sabrina Jackson.

In one case police are investigating a "death list" written by an 11-year-old girl at school.

A second, unrelated incident recently featured a 13-year-old boy threatening to bring a gun to school.

Mental health professionals say before it gets to that point - sit down and talk to your kids.

"You need to really sit and have a dedicated conversation about how they’re feeling, what they’re doing, who they’re talking to, what their social media activities are," said Jackson.

"I’m not sure what is in the minds of these young people and what the parents are doing," said Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer. "The parents obviously have a responsibility."

And parents can be held responsible as we saw Tuesday. Jennifer Crumbley was found guilty on four counts of involuntary manslaughter after her son killed four students at Oxford High School in 2021.

Jackson says in some instances the trial showed a lack of attention by the mother.

"What we see is that the parent wasn’t even aware that all these things were going on," she said. "A lot of times people feel like if I bring it up, and then I get an answer that I am not prepared for, what do I do?

"That’s why professional help is necessary and available."