Full page ad attacks UAW leaders for 'culture of corruption'

A full-page newspaper advertisement is taking aim at the United Auto Worker's Union.    

The ad printed in both the Detroit News and the Free Press accuses union leaders of stealing money and taking bribes. And it criticized the union for what it calls a "culture of corruption' willing to sell out its own members.

Over the last year, more than a half dozen union leaders have pleaded guilty to using money from a training fund to pay for personal  meals, massages, golf trips and even mortgages.

A Washington-based group called the "Center for Union Facts" is behind the ads.

"We just want workers to know what they can expect with UAW representation," said Charlyce Bozzello, Center for Union Facts. "(It makes) it pretty clear that a lot of UAW representation is not really putting workers first. They are concerned with lining their own pockets before protecting workers."

The group behind the ad refuses to disclose its donors.

But the UAW calls the group a well-known anti-worker organization. This ad comes just months before the union is set to negotiate new contracts with GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler.