Fun on wheels: Detroit man's Rolling Video Games are a hit

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Who doesn't like video games?

You could have a piece of the "1 Up Gaming Lab" come to you in the form of a mobile gaming video game station - on wheels. 

"It's all ages, family fun, everybody can have a piece of it," said Tyrell Slappey, the owner. "We can have 16 to 20 people play at one time and there's two outside. So in the summertime we have two more TVs outside that have the Wii video games and the Xbox Connect video games to get you moving."

Tyrell does birthday parties, events and fundraisers

"I actually got a bachelor party I'm doing in a couple weeks too," he said.

Tyrell is a graduate of Cass Tech and Michigan State, and he has a master’s degree and entertainment business- so he's educated in having a good time.

"One of the rules is no sore losers," he said. "Everybody is here to have a good time; I have a list of rules for them. And no betting or gambling."

Tyrell has about 75 video games rated from Everyone to Mature, but he doesn't let the kids play mature unless their parents agree.

He charges a $199 for one hour, $299 for two hours, and a bargain - three hours for $360 and $100 an hour after that.  But if you want him on the weekend you better hurry, he's booked up every weekend from now until April. 

"Starting tomorrow I am actually going to foster homes around Michigan allowing the kids to play for free," he said.

To learn more, or on Twitter @1UpGamingLab.