Funeral home pays expenses for 13-year-old abducted and killed

The family of Deontae Mitchell has been struggling to find a way to pay for the 13-year-old's funeral expenses but after seeing his story on FOX 2, someone has stepped up.

Clora Funeral Home has decided to pay all the expenses to bury Mitchell, who was abducted and killed last week on Detroit's east side.

Major Clora, Jr. has helped families in this situation before -- families who have lost someone to violence.

"It's almost becoming an everyday thing," he said.

Mitchell was abducted last Tuesday outside a party store and his body was later found in an open field.

The organization Mothers of Murdered Children is standing by Mitchell's mother during this unthinkable time.

His mother has received a lot of backlash, many asking why Mithcell was not with a parent.

"If a kid asks you, 'Can I go to the store?' and he's with a cousin of his, and he's 13, he's riding a bike -- he's not a troubled kid, he doesn't do nothing wrong, why not let him go to the store?" Mitchell's father said. "If we could do it all over again, no of course not, he would have never left the block."

The family was able to raise some money before this miracle came their way Sunday morning. The father said that money will go toward Mitchell's siblings.

"His spirit's always going to live on," he said.