Gas station clerk charged in murder of Detroit customer

Two days after a convenience store clerk is accused of shooting and killing a customer after an argument, the Detroit gas station employee has been arraigned and charged with first degree murder.

Rami Alie Jaber, 26, was charged Tuesday with the Sunday murder of 34-year-old Derek Roberts. According to police, Jaber and Roberts got into an argument on Sunday and Jaber walked out from behind the bulletproof glass and shot him.

Gas station clerk accused of killing customer

The Citgo at the corner of McNichols and Southfield is still closed following Sunday's shooting. 

Prosecutors said Roberts was trying to make a purchase when they argued and he wound up dying. The argument and shooting were all caught on camera.

"This is a rare case, your honor, where not only do we have video of the entire incident but we also have audio from the entire incident and it clearly paints the picture of first degree murder as the defendant is charged with," Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor William Lawrence said.

Neighbors demand justice after Detroit gas station clerk kills customer

The prosecution asked for the judge to deny bond and order Jaber be locked up during the proceedings. His attorney, Doraid Elder, argued otherwise, saying Jaber is a high school graduate with close families ties and he was the one who reported the shooting.

"He has no prior convictions whatsoever. Your honor, he's the one that called 911 in this matter, judge, I understand the charges against him and I know the presumption but I'm asking the court to place a bond on this matter," he said.

The judge, however, sided with the prosecution and denied bond.