Gas station clerk robbed at gunpoint;car stolen

Terrifying moments for a 7-11 clerk in Ferndale.

A man with a gun demands that she hand over all the cash in the register then he forces her into a closet.

"A person dressed in all black, black hoodie, black pants, and wearing a black mask walks in and makes a quick left area near the lotto machine pulls a pistol out of waistband.", says Sgt. Baron Brown, Ferndale Police Department.

Ferndale Police need your help to find the man that robbed the woman at the store at the corner of Nine-Mile Road and Pinecrest just before 2 am Sunday.

"He orders her to put the money in a bag which she does and shortly thereafter he has her walk into and tells her to walk into a storage room and tells stay there."

Before that the suspect took the woman's keys from her purse and drove off with the cash from the register and the woman's car.

Detroit police recovered the car near Cherrylawn and Norfolk a few hours later, but the man was not with the car.

"He's described to us as a younger African-American male about 150-160 pounds 5'8" to 5'10."

If you recognize the man in the video or have any information about the robbery, call Ferndale Police. That phone number is 248-541-3650.