Gas station clerk shot in Westland BP robbery

Police in Westland are looking for a man who held up a gas station and shot the clerk.

They're hoping surveillance video will help catch him. Police want you to take a good look at the man caught on camera at a BP at 10 p.m. Thursday at the Wayne and Warren location.

The clerk is now recovering at a local hospital.

"Absolutely disgusting no consideration for human life whatsoever," said Sgt. Bob Wilkie. "His pure motivation was for money. NO consideration for human life whatsoever."

Take a look at the man in the video. His arm is outstretched pointing a gun at a gas station clerk - a clerk that has already been shot. You can see a gunshot wound on his back pocket.

"He went over to where the clerk had laid down," Wilkie said. “Picked him up by the back collar of his shirt, took him over to the cash register and made the clerk open up the register for him."

In the video the victim can't put any weight on the wounded leg; he grabbed the counter for support. The robber then collects the cash off the ground and leaves.

"He was in there 30 minutes before he makes a move," Wilkie said.

Even before the crime is committed, the shooter appears anxious at the counter, looking outside, fidgeting at the counter.

"Someone who is there just to talk to someone doesn't look around," Wilkie said. "He was making sure there were no witnesses around."

Police didn't show us the part where the shooter leaned through counter window with the gun

"He fires two shots, one shot struck the clerk in the thigh area," Wilkie said. "He jumped through and tried to get the cash drawer open but was unable."

That's when he gets his victim to open the register for him. He is now wanted by police for the armed robbery and potentially, attempted murder.

Police say they have good reason to believe the suspect is a local man. They have been told this man is a frequent customer of the gas station that he just robbed.

Anyone with information should contact Westland police 734-722-9600.