Gas station confrontation leads to broken car window

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A mix-up at a gas station leads to angry words and a smashed car window.

Apparently the station attendant thought the woman was trying to pump and dash and now the Taylor police are involved after what the worker did next.

Cathy filled up her car at the Citgo station on Telegraph at I-94 Friday and as she was pulling out, she says the worker smashed her car window.

"This guy knocks my whole back window out while my little girl is sitting in there," she said. "My daughter is in freaking tears - she thought he shot the window out."

Thankfully her 10-year-old daughter in the backseat was not hurt

The gas station attendant who did not allow FOX 2 to interview him, says he thought she was stealing gas.

An allegation Cathy denies.

"His pump didn't take," she said. "I swiped my card, put my pin in. How am I going to steal gas if it isn't turned on."

The attendant says he tried to get Cathy's attention as she drove off. He chased after her and knocked on her window.

He says he didn't mean to break it.

"I was like right there and I heard a big pop and I thought my tire blew out," she said. "I looked and saw the window was broken. I look behind me and he says '(expletive) that's what you get for not paying for your gas.' Then I say I did pay for my gas and I'm calling the police."

Cathy says she ran her card a second time after police arrived, that time it was inside the gas station. The attendant offered to pay for the damaged window, she wants to press charges.

If she follows through, the attendant could be charged with malicious destruction of property, which is a misdemeanor.