Genesee County man who wiped nose on Dollar Tree employee released on $2,500 personal bond

The man charged with assaulting a Dollar Tree employee when he was asked to put a face mask on was released on bond Wednesday.

Rex Gomoll, a 68-year-old man from Genesee County, was released on a $2,500 personal bond after his morning arraignment. He is alleged to have wiped his nose on the shirt of a Dollar Tree Employee after she asked him to put a face mask on, before becoming disruptive at the store in Holly, Mich.

A judge ordered Gomoll to oblige by the rules of Michigan's stay-home order but allowed him to leave to grocery shop and walk his dogs. He's not to have any contact with the employee he allegedly assaulted and is not allowed to revisit the Dollar Tree location.

Gomoll, a longtime Ford employee without a criminal record, was allegedly caught on video surveillance on May 2 approaching the employee after she told him he needed to wear a mask, citing the signs put up around the store.

The man instead walked up to the employee and said, "'Here, I will use this as a mask,' and wiped his face on the sleeve of her shirt.

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Holly Police eventually tracked Gomoll down and arrested him. He was booked in an Oakland County jail.

Under Michigan's current executive orders, all residents must wear a face mask when in enclosed areas in hopes of limiting the spread of COVID-19 in the state. 

Gomoll's next scheduled court date will be May 18.