Gift with purchase: Questions raised on pot delivery

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Marijuana delivered right to your door? There are several services operating, right now. 
But some licensed medical marijuana dispensaries want them shut down.   

FOX 2: "Are you worried about the cops?"
"No I'm not," 

You might remember this young entrepreneur, cashing in on the gray area of new marijuana laws. He sells T-shirts online, delivers them to your house with a gift of marijuana.

FOX 2: "How much are your T-shirts?"

"They range from $70 to $300," said the business owner. 

Gifting 2.5 ounces of weed is legal - but it's not real clear if delivery like this, is. But it is catching on if you look at the app Weed Maps which shows dozens of delivery services right here in metro Detroit. 

"They are blatantly ignoring those rules and laws to do their own thing and make money taking business away from us directly," said Austin Smith of 96 West Detroit.

You might have guessed - medical marijuana dispensaries, who hope to get into the recreational business eventually, aren't happy about these so-called rogue operators.

"Come to find out they are not paying or charging sales tax to the state," Smith said.

Austin Smith with 96 West Detroit says that's where these services are operating illegally.

The other thing about these delivery services is you don't get the security you'd find and a brick and mortar dispensary. 

"We have trained security guards walking to people to their cars if need be," Smith said.

A spokesperson with Michigan State Police says they can inforce a civil infraction if these delivery services are advertising that gift of weed. 

LARA says marijuana laws are in a work in progress - even the guys cashing in on deliveries say their days are likely numbered.

"I feel like pretty soon there is going to be some kind of patch in the law," said the man.

"For now I think they should be shut down," Smith said. "I see room for delivery services in the future just as some patients may not be able to leave their home."