GMC unveils 2024 Sierra EV Denali as part of 'all-electric future'

GMC has unveiled its 2024 Sierra EV Denali.

"What GMC is all about is modern, bold premium design. What you see with our grill here is, what used to be for internal combustion. We still have that bold presence," Mikhael Farah said. "This is what we call a multi-pro tailgate launched on the 2019 Sierra. Now, we’ve innovated it even more with a multi-pro mid-gate. So, as you can see, we can fold down for a 60-40 split."

Farah, the director of Buick/GMC communications, showed off the fully electric pickup.

"This is, as I mentioned earlier, with that Denali nameplate, with the quilted leather, the Denali stitching, real open-pore wood," Farah said. "From a technology perspective, a 16.8-inch portrait-style infotainment display. Eleven-inch driver information center."

The truck is the latest step toward an all-electric future for the automaker.

"The future is here, and the Sierra EV Denali is bringing it with it," Farah said. "This is a part of General Motors' vision of "zero, zero, zero." Zero crashes, zero emissions, zero congestion. As a part of that, we believe in an all-electric future."

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GMC considers Denali its luxury brand, but it’s the features that’ll speak to the wallet.

The truck has storage in the front since there is no engine, a 400-mile range on one charge, power use for up to 21 days — critical in emergencies like power outages, and a hands-free driver-assist option with 400,000 miles of enabled roads already in the system.

"It’s an exciting time for the brand, an exciting time for customers. This is what customers demand. They want to be able to tow. They want to be able to haul their gear," Farah said.

The Sierra is GMC's top-selling truck in the U.S.

According to the Automotive Sales Tracker, GMC has sold more than 200,000 Sierra trucks annually since 2014.

But this electric sierra won’t hit the market until early 2024, and like most EVs, it will be challenged with finding a way to appeal to the hardcore truck fan.

"This one will start about $107,000, but the exciting news for the Sierra EV lineup is we’ll actually have a model that’s starting around $50,000, which is right in that center price point for the heart of that truck market," Farah said.

The truck will be GMC's third electric vehicle.