A Clarkston man's 3rd cancer diagnosis isn't slowing him down

As a two-time cancer survivor, Rob Atteberry knows the importance of never losing hope. And there's one phrase that rings in his ears that always reminds him that he can't stop fighting. 

On the back of his running shirt is "Go!Go!Go!" which should give an indication of his outlook on life.

"It means a ton. It just means more to me each and every day," said Atteberry.

Atteberry had been a man of the corporate world. Back in 2010, the Clarkston resident was working 100 hours a week. But his life changed when he learned he had sinus cancer.

Then a little less than a year later, he got another diagnosis - brain cancer. 

Doctors gave him two years to live. But now, seven years later he considers every day a miracle.

"Every day is the best day ever. That’s all it is - nothing that goes on that gets me upset or stressed," he said. "It’s just great to be alive."

It was during brain cancer treatment that Atteberry discovered a passion for running. He's completed Iron Mans, triathlons, and more. 

"There’s nothing like finishing a race. It’s like your body just explodes it’s just amazing," he said.

One might think a third diagnosis, this time for testicular cancer, would slow him down. He received the news in April. 

But an outlook on life this happy wouldn't come with a pause in his ambition. So Atteberry has continued training - this time biking through the treatment. 

He hasn't done it all alone, he admits. His family has been key to his positive outlook.

"From a neighborhood standpoint we really just want to be there and support him in any way that we can," said Atteberry's neighbor and friend Justin Szerlong.

Neighbors set up a meal train for the family of six. They're also collecting gift cards and selling bracelets to pay for his treatment. 

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"He’s been a real inspiration to everybody in this neighborhood a man with cancer is the guy who started running club he is the one who got us all out enjoying the neighborhood running around on holidays every Saturday," said Szerlong. 

Atteberry is determined to become a three-time cancer survivor. He says he has no choice but to remain hopeful because there's too much on the line to lose. 

"My family is my boys, my wife - I can’t give up. It’s not an option and the way I keep going is go go go," he said.

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