Good Samaritan helps postal worker pinned underneath car

Witnesses including a Good Samaritan, leap into action after a U.S. postal worker is pinned to her vehicle by another driver who crashed into her van.

Neighbors at 10 Mile and Eastpointe desperately tried to help the postal worker pinned underneath a Buick Wednesday morning.

"'My name is Whitney, somebody call my job,'" said Jennifer a witness. "That's all she was worried about.

"I tried to hold her hand and wait for the ambulance to come. She said 'Please don't touch me, my hand is on fire.'"

Eastpointe police say the postal worker was parked on 10 Mile standing behind her van when a driver, apparently changing lanes, hit her.

One neighbor says a tall slender black man ran over to help with a jack.

"He pulled it.out of a box, jacked her up, took her out and left," Jennifer said. "Wherever that guy is, thank you for being here at the right time."

"It shook my house. It sounded like a bomb went off."

Police say when that car hit the worker and the van - knocking both 25 feet down 10 Mile.

The postal worker was rushed to St. John's Hospital and Medical Center with injuries to her legs and abdomen and a gash on her head.

She is listed in critical but stable condition.

Before police arrived neighbors say they spoke with the driver. That car, registered to a Warren man.

FOX 2: "What did he say?"

"I went to get my drink and I smacked into her," Jennifer said.

Later Wednesday, Eastpointe police arrested that driver on suspicion of operating a vehicle while on drugs.

While the accident remains under investigation, neighbors say they simply hope that woman recovers.

"It's sad, so sad," Tomeka Mayes said. "She's a good lady, a very nice lady."