GOP candidates on immigration: Spinning in the spin room

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Everybody in this year's presidential field says he -- or she -- has a plan for illegal immigration. But could any of them work?

The Americans with Charlie LeDuff traveled to Los Angeles last week at the Republican debate to find out.

There LeDuff ran into old pal Donald J. Trump and had an idea about the gigantic immigration wall he's going to get Mexico to pay for.

Not only will the Mexicans pay for the wall, they'll put it on their land. Then all the guys in front of the Home Depot in L.A. will run home to build it. And only when they're done building it, will they realize that they've sealed themselves in.

It's probably a dumb idea. But no dumber that some of the ideas coming from serious presidential contenders. For example, Chris Christie wants to put barcodes on immigrants

On the other side, mass amnesty probably won't work. Former President Ronald Reagan granted it to three million people back in the 1980's and since then, another 12 million have come.

More than a million illegal immigrants live in Los Angeles County alone. Many have children and most have been here for more than a decade. Rounding them up will cause a whole bunch of unforeseen problems, according to police and old 1960s radicals.

The United States is a country heavily divided on the illegal immigration subject. And whoever wins the White House should check out the plan LeDuff  came up with in LA, before whoever wins heads to Washington and cooks up another Frankenstein piece of legislation that comes back to haunt us.

The answers, on the next Americans with Charlie LeDuff.