Gov. Snyder releases more departmental emails on Flint water crisis

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Gov. Rick Snyder's office releasing a new batch of emails in the flint water crisis just a short time ago.

The new emails were released just before 3 p.m. today, and right now we're going through more than 67-hundred pages of documents.

The new release of emails include workers from the Department of Environment Quality and the city of Flint, including Michael Glasgow, a utility administrator, and one of three people who recently came up in the first wave of felony charges.

About 54 pages in one of Glasgow's of emails are spotted, taking us back to when residents started using water from the Flint River leading to the water crisis.

On April 16th, 2014, Glasgow said in one email:

"I am expecting changes to our water quality monitoring parameters and possibly our DBP and lead and copper monitoring plan."

Now we go back to June 12 in 2014. This email involves people from the DEQ:

Pat Cook  wrote to Stephen Busch and Mike Prysby, the other two people recently charged.

"Can you please give me an update of the latest round of unit 37 sampling from the Flint WTP. Lathan Jefferson is still claiming that people are getting  sores and lesions from the water."

The documentation represents requests fulfilled to date by the Department of Environmental Quality, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Treasury, Department of Technology, Management and Budget, and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development regarding Flint water. You can find links to the emails below, and stay with FOX 2 for continuing coverage on the Flint Water crisis.

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DEQ 13