Gov. Whitmer talks about next phase of state's reopening; what Memorial Day could look like

Wearing masks, and keeping a social distance from one another is flattening the coronavirus curve in Michigan. 
Governor Gretchen Whitmer joined FOX 2 Thursday to talk about what the next stage of reopening the state will look like.

Whitmer: "If we see a growth of COVID-19 somewhere we also have to understand the context, are there 25 cases randomly in a county or are they all out of one facility or one workplace? That's the kind of context that you can't put on a plan to say, 'Once we hit this, we are good to go.'

"It's a part of the analysis and that's what I think people have a hard time appreciating but that's what all the epidemiologists and public health experts are looking at, as we watch these numbers. If the numbers continue to look good and we don't have a spike or a growth in a certain area that causes us concerns about community spread, then we go to the next step."

FOX 2 has gotten many questions about hair stylists and barbers. They want to know how much notice they will get to acquire the personal protective equipment they need when it's time to open up.  

Whitmer: "Now we know that the nature of the salon is very close and that's why it is inherently riskier. And we have to make sure that the owners and the employees have the type of PPE they need to stay safe. We are working through the Small Business Association of Michigan and Pure Michigan Business Connect to help smaller businesses connect with businesses in Michigan that are producing PPE, so that when we reengage you have what you need. I encourage all business owners to start doing that type of connection now."

 Mother's Day was filled with Zoom calls so what about Memorial Day? Will we be at a place where smaller groups will be permitted to get together? The governor says she's leaning on data. 

Whitmer: "Where we will be in a week from now much less two weeks from now, I can't tell you with great certainty. But I can tell you that It is my goal to take that next step, to permit some smaller gatherings. That's my goal. The question is will it be supported by the data? And the data is driven by how people observe these practices. So if you want to get to that next step, please keep doing your part and wearing that mask, keep 6 feet apart from others and stay home unless you have to go out."