Governor candidate Whitmer presents plan to fix roads

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Gretchen Whitmer says when she meets Michigan voters they make it quite clear.

"Fix the damn roads," she said.

Residents like Wayne Davis are among those complaining. He says there is one word that describes Michigan roads - terrible.

Whitmer, a candidate for Governor, says it's time for a plan to fix the state's infrastructure instead of constantly fixing vehicles.

She says it simply means that every dollar designated for the roads should go to the roads. 

"We're going to pay for upgrades by making a bold investment in a 'Rebuild Michigan Infrastructure Bank,'" she said. "And that is a state infrastructure bank that will pay for the high quality upgrades and create thousands of good paying jobs."

Whitmer says this bank is already in existence but is not properly used or funded, adding that her plan will ultimately save taxpayers money by digging less and building smarter.

"That means we will enlist the help of experts on infrastructure council so we can save taxpayer dollars and lay broadband cable, repair sewers, water systems and the electrical grid when we dig up a bad road," she said. 

Whitmer believes fixing roads is about more than driving on better roads, it is also about driving a successful economy - and the time is now to get the job done.

"We can attract the jobs of the future we can keep our kids here in Michigan," Whitmer said. "We can make this the state that others move to for opportunities but we have to get our house in order so let's get to work."