Grosse Pointe, Redford and Southfield among communities cleaning up storm damage

Southfield is one of the many communities still cleaning up from Wednesday's severe storms.

"Damn. They tore my shed up on that side. I didn’t even see that part," said one man.

There was plenty of damage to survey and fallen trees to chop on Woodburn Drive in Southfield.

One car was crushed by a huge oak tree. Another one was pierced by a large section of wood.  And a massive branch shot right through one person’s bedroom.

"It’s a real surprise - something that we’ve never expected," said Teri Withers.

That's the feeling many have across Metro Detroit as they work to recover.

In Grosse Pointe Farms, the damage looked familiar.

Historic trees met their end …but not before crashing into some estates with a history of their own, inches from disaster said Withers.

"I was in the back room there with my two little grandchildren and we just ran for the basement," she said. "But when we came back up here and we looked, I’m not kidding you the branch looked like a spear, that almost would have impaled us."

And in Redford…utility crews still have their hands full restoring power.

"We didn’t lose power until 10:30 this morning. It is really weird cause there was maybe a little rain.  At least it rained while I was at work but there was nothing else," said a resident.

No electricity means many like Kim Messengr are improvising.

"My parents have power, so we’re actually kind of like emptying out the refrigerator, packing up and going to chill there hopefully until our power comes back on," Messengr said.

But she’s just grateful to be alive.

"We could smell smoke and our neighbor actually came knocking on our door saying we had a fire in the backyard," she said. "So, one of the power lines behind our house came down and was sparking causing the fire to ignite."