Gun violence protesters in Lansing call for more action to save lives

A rally at the State Capitol Wednesday called for more legislation aimed at preventing gun violence.

"End gun violence" - a simple slogan, but a complicated issue. A group of activists from another the state gathered in Lansing say they have an answer for how lawmakers can save lives.

"What are you doing to save our lives," said Zoey Rector Brooks, End Gun Violence Michigan. "If you fail to protect us, we will have no choice but to go around you and bring change to our communities through a ballot initiative."

A state rep from Pontiac says people need to look no further than her own city to see how critical reform is. Last month a 7-year-old girl was fatally wounded in a drive-by shooting.

"We're not trying to take anybody's guns away," said Rep. Brenda Carter (D-Pontiac). "We're not trying to violate the Second Amendment. What we want to do, is to make sure those who aren't following the law, don't take guns and use them for violence."

She says Lansing lawmakers are sitting on nearly two dozen bills designed to address gun violence in some way.

"None of them have had a committee hearing let alone gone to the floor for a vote," Carter said. "So at this point, it is time for the people of Michigan to take it in their hands."

The group "End Gun Violence Michigan" says they are asking for three measures in particular.

"We will be asking for committees and votes on universal background checks, secure firearm storage, extreme risk protection orders and gun-free zone expansion," Brooks said.

They say if these calls fall on deaf ears, they will start collecting signatures to get the issues on the next ballot.