Gunfire sprays neighborhood on Detroit's west side

One man is in the hospital and another is in handcuffs after shots rang throughout a Detroit neighborhood.

A person of interest who may be responsible for firing shots that could've hit anyone around has been taken into custody.

"This is very dangerous for someone to be firing shots, especially in the middle of the daytime when you've got children around playing," said Capt. Rodney Cox of the Detroit Police Department.

Shots rang out in a west side neighborhood, hitting a 25-year-old man in the leg as he was walking to a friend's house just before one in the afternoon.

"He heard several shots fired and immediately fled the area on foot. Realized he was struck in his leg," Cox said.

The shooting happened on Wabash and Calumet. Bullets also hit two nearby small businesses on Grand River and 14th.

"Right now we don't know what the motive is or who the shooter is. As the victim indicated to us, he never looked back to see who was firing the shots. He was only trying to flee to safety," Cox said.

Although police do not know a motive for sure, they do have some leads, indicating this may have a connection to a shooting last week, killing a 23-year-old man on MLK and 16th.

"We do have some information that this may be related to that. We haven't made a solid connection as of yet, but we do have some concerns that this may be in fact retaliation," Cox said.

The victim was taken to the hospital, where he's being treated for a serious wound. He's listed in stable condition.

"It looks like we had a high-powered weapon that was used," Cox said.

The victim was transported by a neighbor who watched him collapse in the field after he was shot.

Detroit police say although one person of interest is in custody, there may be several others who were involved, if you know anything that can help police give them a call.