Gunman who shot 2, killing 1 on Outer Drive caught on video

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Two men were shot walking on east Outer Drive last November in a crime police called cowardly.

Both 18-year-old young men were wounded, one of them, fatally. New surveillance video has been released as police and the victims' families hope to get answers.

"Anytime you do a crime - any crime - you should turn yourself in," said Lt. Kenneth Gardner, DPD. "If not, then we have the attitude and the fortitude to find you."

The images were captured around 3:40 p.m.Sunday on Nov. 11th. The man walks right past his prey in the 1800 block of east Outer Drive - then turns and shoots them. 

One died at the scene and the other got away with his life.

"So far we have not been able to identify the motive," Gardner said. "It seems to be more that they were in the neighborhood and watching. They knew exactly who they were targeting."

Police describe the suspect as 6 feet tall and180 pounds wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with Nike on the back of it and a white logo on the left front. He had a white shirt underneath black jogging pants black shoes. His getaway car was a grey or silver Dodge Charger - with black stripes on the side.

"We estimate the year to be maybe about 2010," Gardner said. "It has a rear spoiler, the car is readily identifiable. 

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