Guns drawn during fight at Ecorse High School

Take a look at this fight outside Ecorse High School on Tuesday around 3:30 p.m.

“Two people in the school got into a fight prior to school being dismissed. It got carried into the school. One of the perps that were involved in the fight called his buddies from the Greenfield area in Detroit. They all ride with loaded handguns and started waving them in crowds." Det. Sgt. Bill McCaig with Ecorse Police said.
Despite the guns-- there were no injuries. But the cops are reviewing additional video which shows license plate numbers and they have a pretty good list as to who was involved. 
And as far as the Ecorse students?
“To our credit and the principal's credit, all of the students from Ecorse schools were removed from school and will not be allowed back to the school district." Dr. Josha Talison said, superintendent to Ecorse Schools.
Five Ecorse High School students were suspended. 
“The kids sometimes make stupid choices," Talison said. 
And according to Ecorse Police, most of the students involved were NOT from Ecorse schools, they were from Detroit.

But the story doesn't end here, what about the parents?
“The parents are part of the primary problem,” Talison said.
In speaking with one parent who did not want us to use her name or to go on Camera she believed her older son was fighting to defend her younger son - who was being attacked. 

Fox 2: “What do you say to these parents that go and fight at your school?”
Well they're not welcome here I know that they know the Ecorse police is just a phone call away,” Talison said. 
“Obviously, somebody had to drive the other kids from Detroit to this location, I’m sure they know what they were doing or who they are so we're just waiting for the phone call," he said. 
No phone call was made to have any parents arrested--yet.
“About 95% of the parents are supportive and break their backs for the students, but there's about 5% population that don't take on the supervision of their children's behavior," Talison said. 
And the law says- parents are responsible for their children's behavior.