Hamtramck's beloved New Martha Washington Bakery closes just shy of 50 years

A Hamtramck staple - The New Martha Washington Bakery has closed its doors for good.

"Very emotional," said Sunca Bakic. "I’m going to miss all the interaction with the customers."

Sunca Bakic who regulars know as Sandy, grew up working in the bakery along with her siblings grew up.

"We came from former Yugoslavia," she said. "I started working here I just turned 14 years old back in "72. My parents purchased the bakery in 1973."

It was the American Dream - a family-owned business offering everything from sweet treats to delicious breads.

Every February saw long lines of customers for Fat Tuesday's Paczki sales. Sandy said she'd be willing to help keep the tradition alive for whoever buys the bakery next.

"I’m more than willing to teach them to carry on tradition," she said. "If they’re willing to do paczki (I'll share the recipe), but only here."

But Sandy says no one has purchased the building yet.

Deciding to close this shop wasn’t easy but the family felt it was the best thing to do. A big reason why, was Sandy's medical condition.

"I have a torn rotator cuff, I've been waiting to have surgery on it, and I ripped it even more - so I can’t work with it anymore," she said. "My mom, dad, and my sister and I are like four wheels on a cart. If one of us is broken the cart falls apart.

"We were trying to get to the 50-year mark, but I guess the good Lord said, 'Enough is enough.'"

The bakery officially closed last Saturday and Sandy donated the remaining cookies, cakes and bread to the police and fire stations.

Sandy says after she has surgery, the family wants to travel.

"Everything in life has an end," she said. "It’s hard."