Hart Plaza holds the Motor City Pride Festival in Downtown Detroit

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The motor city pride organization puts on the largest Pride festival in the state.

A little rain didn't stop festival goes from enjoying the festivities. This year it was all about embracing who you are. 

"This is like a full circle for me, because we use to have to fight to have gay bars down here, so for me to be able to see young people be themselves, it always makes me teary eyed," Michael Allen said.

Michael Allen has been out for more than a decade, and he's seen the world change, the nation change, the city change.

"So many of my family members that aren't gay are here, so it’s not just for the gay people. I love the camaraderie and the fact that families are accepting people now, this is so beautiful," he said. 

The good times also about when times get tough, people also attended the festival to make a stand against violence and intolerance, like Savannah Carter a transgender woman.

"It’s a lot of young kids that are committing suicide because of their sexual preference, I’m one of the girls that made it to 35 years old, I’m just basically out here supporting my kind because we're discriminated against every day,” she said.