Hazardous material spill in Flat Rock sewer spurs Wayne County State of Emergency declaration

A hazardous material spill was detected in the city of Flat Rock's sanitary sewer Monday evening, causing a state of emergency to be declared Thursday by Wayne County Executive Warren Evans.

Officials say the spill does not affect the community’s drinking water. As a precaution, local officials evacuated four homes near the treatment plant and closed River Heights Academy. No students were at the school when it was closed.

The cause is under investigation.

Flat Rock residents who detect a strange odor similar to gasoline in their home should call (734) 782-2496. Residents in other communities should call 911 to report any strong and unusual order.  

The emergency order asks Governor Gretchen Whitmer to declare a state of emergency for Flat Rock as a way to speed cleanup of - and investigation into - the spill.

Hazardous material teams from the Wayne County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management are on-site assisting local officials as they respond to this emergency. The Environmental Protection Agency and the State of Michigan are on-site assisting in the response.