Hazel Park bicyclist killed in hit and run; police look for driver

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A driver who hit a bicyclist and left him for dead in Hazel Park was caught on camera. Police hope the video will lead them to the person who was behind the wheel.

Nearby surveillance cameras captured the moment a dark-colored SUV struck a man on a bike as he crossed the intersection of Woodward Heights and John R. He then took off.

"I thought, oh my God, I hope this guy is okay," said Nicole Gates.

Gates, who was driving home from the grocery store around 11 p.m. Monday, witnessed the hit-and-run and immediately dialed 911. She claims the SUV had the green light.

"The man crossed the street when he probably shouldn't have," she said. "The SUV struck him. I heard it and it was very loud. I saw him run over the man and take off."

Gates says it appears the SUV driver at first slowed down and looked as if they would stop, but then drove away.

FOX 2 is told witnesses, including a retired Detroit police officer, got out and stayed with the 54-year-old victim until emergency crews arrived.

The bicyclist was rushed to the hospital but did not survive.

Hazel Park police are now looking for the driver of the dark-colored SUV, who witnesses say took off north on John R.

Gates is speaking out now, hoping someone with information will come forward. 

"I would just hope this person would come through," she said. "I know if this was me I'd be scared too."