Hazel Park man accused of shooting, stabbing wife charged with several felonies

A 34-year-old Hazel Park man accused of shooting and torturing his wife appeared in court Friday.

Appearing before a judge, Radu Muntean learned that he could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted of serious crimes, including assault with intent to murder and unlawful imprisonment, among other charges.

Police recommended a high bond, as well as a GPS tether.

Muntean is accused of slashing his own wife's face, shooting her in the legs and leaving her duct taped in the back of a truck. Earlier this week, an undercover officer found Muntean, his wife and the truck in a field in Detroit. Muntean was arrested on the spot his wife taken to the hospital.

In court, he told the judge he works for himself.

"I own a few rentals, a food truck and a construction business," he said.

Neighbors told FOX 2 the couple were never seen fighting but were seeking therapy.

Muntean's bond was set $100,000.