Hazel Park Police K9 unit wins new Chevy Tahoe in online competition

It took some effective crowdsourcing and a whole lot of cute photos, but the Hazel Park Police have pulled off the incredible - and it's all thanks to one adorable doggo.

Lando and his handler Officer Michael Kasdorf have won a new Chevy Tahoe after winning the most votes in an online competition, beating out 28 other almost-as-adorable dogs. The reward is a brand new police squad Chevy Tahoe for the K9 unit.

The announcement was made Wednesday in a Facebook post from the sponsors' Vested Interest in K9s.

"THANK YOU to all the contestants and to everyone who supported them with votes," reads the post.

Lando is a 4-year-old Dutch Shepherd who has already made his mark working for the police force, most notably for tracking down a 2-year-old child in River Rouge over the summer. 

"He can be high-strung when it's time to work. He's all about let's go, let's go," said Police Chief Brian Buchholz earlier in October. "It's been in my opinion, he's been an improvement not only for our own community but all around us."

Of course, no one is surprised that Lando took first place during the month-long competition - he's great! But what did come as a surprise was the second-place team. The Marysville Police Department, which serves a Michigan city by the same name further north of Detroit earned the silver and thanks to an anonymous donor an SUV as well.

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The competition spanned the month of October and limited anyone to one vote a day. Good work Metro Detroit on the turnout.