Hazel Park woman testifies about being shot, stabbed by husband

A Hazel Park man is now facing torture charges after his wife testified about being tied up and shot, found inside a pickup truck in Detroit.

If it weren't for an officer who stumbled upon the scene, she could have died.

The judge found probable cause for the charges Radu Muntean is facing now adding torture after hearing his wife's testimony.

FOX 2 is not showing her face, but the victim takes us back to March 22, one day before a police officer found her inside a pickup truck.

Muntean's wife says it all started with being picked up by him to go see their daughter at daycare, but they then began arguing.

"He kept talking about pills from his pocket and swallowed a lot of pills," she said.

Attorney: "Did he say anything after he took those pills?"

"Something to the effect that there was no other way out," she said.

"He also gave me a few pills and I held on to them in my hand," she said. "I tried to get out of the car, but he sped off."

She goes into details of when they were driving on I-75 saying Muntean shot her with his handgun. A bullet in still in her right leg, she needs a walker to get around.

"At one point he took my two cell phones, my personal cell phones, and work cell phone and threw them out the window," she said.

Attorney: "Then what's the next thing that happened?"

"We kept driving down I-75," she said.  "We kept arguing. He took out a gun and shot me in the legs."

"Both of my calves," Muntean's wife said. "The bullet went through my left leg and into my right one."

She testified that they arrived at an open field near the Coleman A. Young Airport.

"I fell out of the car at one point," she said. "I fell on the ground. He came around and started pinning me on my chest. Choking me. He was beating me with a gun."

Muntean's wife recalls being handcuffed at one point, both of legs had been bleeding. She says he also stabbed her around her bullets wounds.

Some of her clothes had been removed, she doesn't remember how, and eventually blacked out before waking up in the hospital.

Thankfully an undercover officer found Muntean and his wife early in the day on the 23rd, who followed his gut knowing something wasn't right.

The officer put two and two together and saved Muntean's wife before it was too late.

Radu Muntean was taken back into custody. He had already been out on a $100,000 bond but after hearing Friday's testimony, the judge raised it to $450,000, 10 percent paid, and house arrest.

Muntean is due back in court on April 29th.