'He lived a life of service': Honor walk held for Detroit fire captain who died Wednesday

An honor walk was held Thursday in memory of Capt. Christopher Orzech.

Orzech spent decades serving with the Detroit Fire Department before his death Wednesday.

"He lived a life of service. He lived a life of giving, 30 years with the Detroit fire department," said Eric Jones, the executive commissioner of the Detroit Fire Department.

He dedicated his life to making a difference in the lives of others.

Capt. Christopher Orzech

"Chris was always outgoing, willing to help anyone, always wanted to make people laugh," said John Orzech, Christopher Orzech’s brother.

Orzech's family also served alongside him.

"He had four brothers who served with the Detroit Fire Department, a father that served with the Detroit Fire Department, and other brothers that are serving in other municipalities, giving, and even today, even after his untimely passing, they’re still giving," Smith said.

He is an organ donor so he will continue to help people after his death.

"He’s going to help upwards of 70 people with his gift of life. He gave for 30 years and he’s continuing to give and be concerned about others," Smith said.