Protesters seek greater accountability, Chief’s resignation in Shelby Township

A video that came from 2018 depicts the shooting of an unarmed man, Kanwribir Malhi, at the hands of Shelby Township Police. 

Two years later, the community's police chief would come under fire for comments he made about the demonstrators who want shootings like these reviewed, and police held accountable.

"Any police chief that would talk about the civilians that he is supposed to protect like he has in those tweets doesn't deserve to hold office," said protester Ken Johnson. "They need to remember that they serve the people and not themselves."

Chief Robert Shelide advocated the use of force against protesters and called people seen beating a couple "vicious sub-humans" and "wild savages." The chief added that the people would have been killed if he had been there. 

"I know my comments have been viewed as insensitive to some," Chief Shelide said. "I acknowledge that.  My comments were directed at rioters, who engage in criminal behavior."

For weeks protesters have been unconvinced by Shelide's apology.

He was suspended, but ultimately was allowed to keep his job, and for demonstrators that's not enough.

"I absolutely hate knowing they have to live their lives in fear just because of the color of their skin," one protester said. "What kind of world is this? This is supposed to be a free country."

On the matter of the police shooting, it's one the Macomb County Sheriff's Office investigated, they found Malhi did not have a gun, but police said they gave repeated commands for him to show his hands and he didn't comply. They also said he mentioned suicide by cop and allegedly said he would not leave alive. 

Protesters are still looking for greater accountability, as the Michigan Attorney General's Office investigates.