Heads up: No phones allowed tonight at Jack White's Detroit show. Or any of his other shows.

We've all been there -- watching a concert and all you see is a sea of phone screens.

Jack White is kicking off his world tour tonight in his hometown. He's playing Little Caesars Arena and wants fans to enjoy the show without any distractions. So, it's no phones allowed. At the Detroit show -- or any of his upcoming shows.

A note on LiveNation.com tells ticket buyers the deal: no photos, video or audio recording devices allowed. It promises to be a "100% human experience."

"The way (the audience reacts) tells me what to do next," White told Rolling Stone in February. "And if they're not really there, I don't know what to do next." 

So, here's your options. You can leave your phone at home, locked in the car, or put it in a provided Yondr pouch when you get to the arena.

Here's how the Yondr technology works.

When you get in the lobby, you'll put your phone in the Yondr case. By the time you're at your seat, the case will automatically lock and you won't be able to get to your phone. When the show is over, you'll head back out to the lobby where the pouch will open at an unlocking station. (If at any point you want to check your phone, too, throughout the concert, you'll have to go to one of the unlocking stations.) 

Jack White isn't the first artist to use this technology. In fact, Chris Rock did the same thing when he was here at the Fox Theatre in April of 2017. 

Jack White held a small pop-up show Wednesday night in Detroit. Only a few hundred people were there, first come first serve. They had to give up their phones, too. Detroit radio show Mojo in the Morning co-host Spike was at the concert, and tweeted that he enjoyed the policy. 

Another woman who was at the pop-up show says she loved the experience, too. 

"It was just incredible. I've never had ... a bigger connection with an artist when seeing a performance before," Devon Cano said. 

You'll notice Spike didn't have any of his usual own photographs to share, and that his tweet says he shared those pics from Jack White's photographer. You'll be able to do that, too. 

The LiveNation statement says Jack White's official tour photographer will be posting photos and videos after each show that you can repost. You can find those pictures and videos at jackwhiteiii.com, or the new Jack White Live Instagram account, @officialjackwhitelive.