Hearing begins for Detroit police sgts accused of assault in Greektown Casino parking garage

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Two Detroit police sergeants were in court Tuesday, accused of assaulting a man in the Greektown Casino parking garage.

In their own words - two men who say Detroit police Sgts Raytheon Martin and Lacell Rue attacked them back in July, testified against them Tuesday.

"I (give) up like it is over with, I was thinking it was going to be over with," said witness Gregory Price. "That's when Officer Rue tased me."

Prosecutors say the two sergeants used excessive force toward the men in the lobby of the Greektown casino parking garage. Martin and Rue were both charged with misconduct in office and assault and battery. Rue was also charged with assault with intent to do great bodily harm. 

Police were trying to clear the area at about 2 a.m. July 22nd and prosecutors say that was when one of the men got into an argument with Martin and Rue and got aggressive.

"He started cussing at him first," said Price. "They started talking back-and-forth and that was when he put his hands on his Taser."

 Prosecutor: are they yelling or having a conversation? Mr. Rue was kind of aggressive."

Prosecutors say the man didn't make a physical gesture, yet Martin hit him in the back of the head and then punched him several times while he was on the ground.

Rue then tased the man twice even though prosecutors say he had his hands up.

"I said why was I tased twice," Price said. "He said because you were trying to get up, I was like how was I trying to get up the first time. I was just hollering and crying on the ground."

But the defense argued that Price and his friend were causing trouble - and not doing what officers had asked.

Attorney: "When you came downtown you stuffed a pistol into your shorts,"

"Yes, said Price's friend, but when asked why, the prosecutor said that question was irrelevant.

The attorney said that the two men had been fighting back.

The president of the Detroit Police Lieutenant and Sergeant Association, Mark Young says he's pleased with the where the case stands Tuesday. He called Rue and Martin "outstanding officers."

 "I didn't think excessive force was used," Young said. "I think it's a very tough job down there and I'm pleased to represent people that are downtown to make it safe for the community."

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The preliminary hearing for Rue and Martin continues July 30th.